Centers And Labs

TMC takes the advantage of disciplinary crossover, coordinating the relationship between science and social need. The college focuses the establishment of fields including biological medicine, scientific instrument and medical equipment, brain science, big data of environment health, and translational medicine; fields and strengths are enhanced in terms of major diseases of nervous system, clinical oncology, biological medicine, infectious disease, surgery and organ transplantation, environmental medicine, epidemiology, and imageology.

I. National Center for Clinical Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology,Key Laboratory of tumor invasion and metastasis

II. Major Chronic Non-infectious Disease Prevention Innovative Intelligence Base (111 Intelligence Base),Key Laboratory of Environment and Health of Ministry of Education,State Key Laboratory Cultivation bBse of Environmental Health, jointly built by Hubei Province and the Ministry

III.The large platform of Wuhan comprehensive research and development of new drugs and technology (national major drug creation),Key Laboratory of pharmacology of traditional Chinese Medicine

IV. Key Laboratory of Nervous System Diseases under the Ministry of Education

V. Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases of Ministry of Health

VI. National-local Joint Laboratory of New Contraceptive Technology

VII. State Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection and Health (Wuhan)

VIII. Key Laboratory of Organ Transplantation under the Ministry of Education

IX. Key Laboratory of Biological Targeted Therapy under the Ministry of Education

X. Key Laboratory of Pathophysiology in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Huang Guangying)

XI. Key Laboratory of Bone Metabolism in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shen Lin)

XII. Key Laboratory of Aupuncture and Neurobiology in Traditional Chinese Medicine